Bespoke detailed estimate

Receive a detailed breakdown estimate of every aspect of constructing your new home. This is a “Hands on” estimate and involves us receiving your plans, completing a detailed take-off and costing.

We can provide the estimate to reflect your preferred method of construction be it employing a Contractor or Self Build. Check out your build route options

To receive a detailed estimate, you’ll need your set of house plans – these can be basic planning drawings if you don’t have detailed working drawings. Download plans, complete the drop-down specification list and we’ll get to work on it.

Your detailed estimate will include; (Download Sample Estimate)

  • Quantities that are specific to your own home design
  • Detailed step by step costing with Material & Labour breakdown
  • Separate Materials list for completing the envelope of your home
  • Costings specific to your building method of Main Contractor or Self Build options
  • All this and more, for a fraction of what you’d expect to pay - Introductory cost €150

Allow up to 10 days for receipt of estimate


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